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Cliegg Lars: Have you looked for another job?
Anakin Skywalker: I will.

Cliegg Lars: Get on it. We don’t have the room to feed someone who’s not pulling their weight.
Shmi Skywalker Lars: Cliegg! Everyone in this family … is worthy to be under this roof. Ani can go out to fix the south vaporators —

Anakin Skywalker: Actually, I was going to help Obi-Wan dig out his starfighter.
Cliegg Lars: We’re short handed!

Shmi Skywalker Lars: Then I’ll head out to the south vaporators. Simple vandalism is easy to repair and I’ll work it around my regular chores. Cliegg, I have coins stashed under the mattress. You can make up the difference there.


Owen Lars: You know, Beru said the Sand People have been spotted venturing farther and farther out from the Jundland Wastes — said the Hutt influence are pushing them toward the farmers. Thank the stars they only attack at night, right?